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Full Service Residential Property Management

At SHADD Realty, our goal is to make owning your investment properties as care free and profitable as possible. Below is a list of the many services we provide along with a brief description of each.

Property Advertising

We employ some of the most effective and creative advertising techniques in an effort to promote your property (and it's features) to as wide an audience as possible. These methods may include: multiple on-line postings, classified listings, multiple billboard postings, highly visible signage, etc. All of which will have information leading prospective tenants to our website where detailed photos and information await them. We make it easy for prospective tenants to get a complete description of the property with minimal effort on their part. This makes their decision to arrange a viewing appointment an easy one.

Tenant Screening

We make every attempt to thoroughly screen prospective tenants by acquiring and verifying a multitude of information including: identification, social insurance numbers and credit checks, income and employment verification, follow-up on references from previous landlords, etc. Finding a quality tenant that not only has a proven track record of being credit worthy but who is also well positioned situationally to be a long term tenant is paramount to running an efficient investment property.

Lease Preparation and Signing

We ensure that a legally binding lease is properly signed, copied, and filed in a timely manner. Standard leases are available but may also be customized to meet certain specific criteria pertaining to your property.

Maintenance of Properties

We pride ourselves on taking care of your properties like they were our own. This means maintaining high standards for upkeep, cleanliness, and functionality. We don't gauge you with unexpected fees and costs. We earn your repeat business by promptly handling maintenance issues as they arise at a minimal cost to you.

Smaller problems will often be handled free of charge. Larger problems will be taken care of promptly and competently while offering you upfront, honest, and affordable pricing. We have a large network of resources in all trades that have proven themselves through many years of strong working relationships.

Tenant Conflict Resolution

Often in multi-unit properties, conflict between tenants may occur. Issues may include: noise levels, parking, garbage, snow removal, pets, etc. These issues are often the most difficult and stressful to resolve. We have the experience, patience, and diplomacy to resolve these issues quickly and effectively.

Allow us to mediate a solution to satisfy all parties and/or to explain/enforce tenant regulations as per Ontario Rental Tribunal guidelines.

24 Hour Emergency Response

We may be reached 24 hours a day to handle all emergency situations. Although almost always reachable, voicemails and e-mails are checked often and responded to promptly. Rest assured that all urgent matters will be dealt with competently and according to the law.

Rental Tribunal Co-ordination

If and when a tenant fails to pay the rent or is in violation of tenant regulations, we will efficiently deal with the situation. We have a clear knowledge of the Ontario Rental Tribunal and we will work within it's framework to rectify any and all disputes. This includes communication with the Tribunal itself, preparation and procurement of documents, in person delivery of notices to tenants, court appearances, as well as general co-ordination of the process while providing you with timely and frequent updates.

Record Keeping

We will provide you with monthly, as well as, year end statements that are clear and accurate. These will outline any expenses incurred during the month. We use top of the line property management software to ensure the quality of our record keeping.

Additional Services

Properties often require additional services such as lawn maintenance, snow removal, salting of paths, etc. We have many reliable resources that we can contract to handle these issues at a low cost.

Upgrading and refurbishing your property is important in maintaining the value of your investment as well as attracting the best tenants and the best rents.

We have many contractors that we deal with that do great work at a low cost. By providing these contractors with a steady volume of work we are able to negotiate favourable pricing. The work is done right and in a timely manner as these contractors value their relationship with our company and always aim to please.

You will be provided with accurate cost and time quotes on any work that is contracted through us.

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